Storytelling for Job Interviews eBook

Gabrielle Dolan
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This eBook will teach you how to use stories to nail an interview and land your dream job.

This eBook is delivered as a PDF and is full of exercises and step-by-step instructions to prepare for an interview. It will teach you how to tell stories about your personal and professional life to connect with your interviewer and stand out from other candidates.

It will even help your prepare for that tricky question 'What's your biggest weakness?'

Ideal for anyone going for an interview

  • with a new company,
  • a promotion in their current company,
  • your first ever job,
  • changing occupations or industries, or
  • coming back into the workforce after an extended absence.

Some reviews -

‘This is a must-read for anyone who wants to succeed at their next job interview. The ability to connect with your interviewer, show them your personality, and demonstrate your capability in the role is the winning combo that will help you land your dream job.’

– Anna Abazovic, Head of Operations, Seek Learning

‘The process outlined in this book not only helped me successfully get my most recent job, but I continue to share many of the stories in a variety of ways to connect and inspire my team. I cannot recommend it highly enough.’

– Catherine MacLeod, General Manager, NAB

‘Storytelling for Job Interviews provides us with the skills and techniques for one of our most dreaded situations – the job interview. I wish I had this book 20 years ago!’

– Paul Matthews, Communications Leader Transport Sydney Trains

‘Within an hour of reading this book, I felt better equipped to attend an interview, conduct an interview and coach my teenage sons towards a Bradman interview performance. I lead a large team and am often interviewing candidates for senior roles. I would find it so much easier to select a candidate who follows the simple, yet powerful, guidance in this book.’

– Natalie Nunn, Asia-Pacific Talent Development Leader, Ernst & Young

‘Storytelling for Job Interviews is an easy-to-read book for those seeking help with interview performance. I highly recommend it to those with experience, and also those who are starting out on their careers. The storytelling concepts allow you to put the approach into practice immediately. Learn to be yourself and stand out from everyone else in the interview crowd.’

– Jennifer Goulopoulos, Senior Product Manager, Financial Services

‘The key to nailing a great interview is telling your story. Gabrielle Dolan provides expert, practical guidance on techniques that can be used in any interview situation.’

– Ben Taylor, General Manager Corporate Affairs, Rabobank Australia and New Zealand

‘Stories are an ever-present part of our lives so it is easy to forget how powerful they can be. Gabrielle Dolan empowers job seekers to become conscious and skillful in storytelling to help them put their best selves forward in an interview.’

– Chris Green, Managing Editor, Kansas Leadership Centre

‘This book has a delightfully simple but expressive narrative that clearly explains how to best tell your story at an interview and in the first 90 days of your new role. This is a must-read for anyone just starting out or at the top of your game.’

– James Westwood-Beere, Head of Group People Strategy, Woolworths

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This book will teach you how to use stories to build trust, credibility and engage with your future employer - fast - to land your dream job.

Discover how stories distinguish you from the rest of the interview pack
Learn the four story types you need to nail a job interview
Find out how to put storytelling techniques and skills into practice

Storytelling for Job Interviews eBook

0 ratings
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